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Enjoyable read Ben - thanks for sharing. I was surprised to see Revolut Pay’ as an option within the AerLingus app… wondering how long it will be until that’s commonplace.

Directionally, the super app feels like it’s only a few steps away, if not already here. I can’t envisage something like WeChat, given its unique positioning, but a super app doesn’t feel far away.

Scheme changes and future legislation will allow the banks to catch up quite quickly - but will it be too late by then? We shall wait and see.

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Thanks for your reply, Matt.

Indeed, I highly doubt that we'll see a super app to the scale of WeChat. However, Revolut is pushing e-SIMs, so perhaps the way forward to the "super app"/"go-to" money app is around utility rather than a social component. They could include tax help, for example.

Time will tell.

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